industrial wastewater treatment – azu water in brazil
water treatment companies (water and wastewater) in japan

Water Treatment Companies (Water and Wastewater) in Japan

atg UV Technology are leaders in the design and manufacture of UV (ultraviolet) disinfection / treatment systems for municipal drinking water and waste water, oil and gas applications, industrial process water and aquatics.

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wastewater treatment plant (johkasou) | products | kubota

Wastewater Treatment Plant (Johkasou) | Products | Kubota

Kubota wastewater treatment plants, which have achieved 90% or higher BOD removal rate, deliver excellent treated water quality with BOD of 20 mg/l or less (in case influent BOD is 200 mg/l). Their compact body fits any installation place while providing powerful treatment performance comparable to a sewage system.

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sewage treatment plant companies and suppliers in japan

sewage treatment plant Companies and Suppliers in Japan

Fuji Clean is the world`s leading Japanese manufacturer of domestic wastewater treatment systems units and air pump (`Jokaso` in Japanese) with more than 40,000 installations annually across several continents. Fuji Clean systems proven in Japanese market are now available in the world.

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management of wastewater in japan - gcus

Management of Wastewater in Japan - GCUS

Japan has built a total of 460,000 km of sewer lines and 2,200 treatment plants for public wastewater service. The deterioration from aging may threat sustainability of wastewater service in the years ahead. The failed sewers cause around 4,000 cases of sinkholes annually. To improve this situation, asset management have been discussed and implemented.

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domestic wastewater treatment by johkasou systems in japan

Domestic Wastewater Treatment by Johkasou Systems in Japan

community plants, gappei-shori johkasous and sewerage system in rural area. 2. The many are installed in individual houses. 3. Gray water is miscellaneous domestic wastewater except night soil. 4. Though not many facilities are installed in individual houses, the number is increasing. Various Systems for Treatment of Night Soil, Sewage and

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