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understanding sodium hypochlorite | treatment plant operator

Understanding Sodium Hypochlorite | Treatment Plant Operator

When sodium hypochlorite is used, acetic or sulfuric acid is added to the water. An excessive dose can produce poisonous gases. If the dosage is too low, the pH becomes too high, and it can irritate the eyes. The required concentration of sodium hypochlorite depends on the concentrations of pollutants, primarily organic pollutants.

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sodium hypochlorite as a disinfectant - lenntech

Sodium hypochlorite as a disinfectant - Lenntech

Sodium hypochlorite produces residual disinfectant. Disadvantages. Sodium hypochlorite is a dangerous and corrosive substance. While working with sodium hypochlorite, safety measures have to be taken to protect workers and the environment. Sodium hypochlorite should not come in contact with air, because that will cause it to disintegrate.

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management of hypochlorite solutions used for water

Management of hypochlorite solutions used for water

Hypochlorite solutions (HSs) are widely used as disinfectants in drinking water production for their oxidizing capabilities and their ability to maintain a residual level of disinfectant throughout the water distribution system (Asami et al. 2009; Snyder et al. 2009; Stanford et al. 2011).About one third of the drinking water treatment plants (WTPs) in the United States and close to 80% of

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review: the use of sodium hypochlorite in endodontics

Review: the use of sodium hypochlorite in endodontics

Aqueous sodium hypochlorite (bleach) solution is widely used in dental practice during root canal treatment. Although it is generally regarded as being very safe, potentially severe complications

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what can sodium hypochlorite be used in? - quora

What can Sodium hypochlorite be used in? - Quora

Sodium Hypochlorite is the main ingredient in laundry bleach. It is used extensively as a bleaching agent in the textile, detergents, and paper and pulp industries. It is also used as an oxidizing agent for organic products. In the petrochemica...

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