anionic polyacrylamide gel protocol factories from Poland
treatment of soap and detergent industry wastes

Treatment of Soap and Detergent Industry Wastes

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an assessment of the quality and treatment of detergent

An assessment of the quality and treatment of detergent

Removal efficiency of organic load from a detergent wastewater by a bench scale physical-chemical treatment is reported. The results of the wastewater characterisation showed that the concentrations of the organic matter were very high. expressed as COD, ranging from 2400-26,400 mg/l, while the biodegradable portion was very low, since the BOD/COD ratio was low.

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treatability study of soap and detergent industry


The Ozonation process for the treatment of Soap and detergent industry wastewater is effective. A dose of 19, 21.58 and 30.70 mg/L gives overall percentage of COD reduction of 50.8%, 53.4% and 60.8% respectively at optimum ozone reaction time respectively.

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treatment - environmental protection agency, ireland

TREATMENT - Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland

ii treatment of waste water 4.4 tube and lamella settlers 22 4.5 dissolved air flotation 22 5. activated sludge (suspended growth) processes 23 5.1 process description 23 5.2 mixed liquor suspended solids 24 5.3 oxygen requirements and transfer 24 5.3.1 theory 24

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treatment of industrial detergent wastewater via membrane


JUDUL : TREATMENT OF INDUSTRIAL DETERGENT WASTEWATER VIA MEMBRANE SEPARATION. SESI PENGAJIAN : 2009/2010 Saya BAHRUN BIN MOHD SHAKIR (HURUF BESAR) mengaku membenarkan tesis (PSM/Sarjana/Doktor Falsafah)* ini disimpan di Perpustakaan Universiti Teknologi Malaysia dengan syarat-syarat kegunaan seperti berikut : 1.

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removal of anionic surfactants in detergent wastewater

Removal of Anionic Surfactants in Detergent Wastewater

Coagulation is used on an industrial scale for preliminary treatment of wastewater generated during the production of cosmetics (Bautista et al. 2007; Michel et al. 2015).

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integration of green energy and advanced energy-efficient

Integration of Green Energy and Advanced Energy-Efficient

Wastewater treatment can consume a large amount of energy to meet discharge standards. However, wastewater also contains resources which could be recovered for secondary uses under proper treatment. Hence, the goal of this paper is to review the available green energy and biomass energy that can be utilized in wastewater treatment plants.

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domestic source of phosphorus to sewage treatment works

Domestic Source of Phosphorus to Sewage Treatment Works

1 2 Domestic Source of Phosphorus to Sewage Treatment Works 3 4 Dr Sean Comber1, Mr Michael Gardner2, Mrs Karyn Georges2, Dr David Blackwood3, Dr Daniel 5 Gilmour3 6 7 1 Corresponding author: Atkins Limited, Chilbrook Oasis Business Park, Oxford, OX29 4AH.New 8 address below. 9 2 Atkins Limited, The Hub, 500 Park Avenue, Aztec West, Bristol, BS32 4RZ,

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isolation of plasmid-dna from synthetic detergent

Isolation of plasmid-DNA from synthetic detergent

Sources of wastewater samples Wastewater samples were obtained from sewage treatment plant (STP), detergent manufacturers and industries that utilize detergents as cleaning agent after production. Sample collection The effluent samples from Agbara cosmopolitan sewage treatment plant (CSTP) were taken from both domestic and industrial manhole

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enva acquire bio industries | news / pr

Enva Acquire Bio Industries | News / PR

Enva, a leading provider of water, recycling and resource recovery solutions in UK and Ireland, is pleased to announce that it has acquired Bio Industries Limited for an undisclosed sum. Dublin-based Bio Industries Limited, manufacture and supply bespoke biological, chemical and detergent solutions for wastewater treatment and pollution control

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business chemistry | detergent phosphates: an eu policy

Business Chemistry | Detergent Phosphates: an EU Policy

Since the detergent market is very competitive and marketing oriented, the consequence of this has been that detergent manufacturers have reduced the use of STPP in detergents. In France, detergents contained 24% STPP on average in 1985 which was reduced to 10% in 1998 [4].

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phosphates in detergent - wikimili, the best wikipedia reader

Phosphates in detergent - WikiMili, The Best Wikipedia Reader

Persil is a German brand of laundry detergent manufactured and marketed by Henkel around the world except in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Latin America, China, Australia and New Zealand, where it is manufactured and marketed by Unilever. Persil was introduced in 1907 by Henkel. It was the first commercially available "self-activated" laundry detergent.

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simplicity in water analysis


From Left: Shirley Ward, Assistant Director of Marketing; Grant Rampy, Director of Marketing; Gordon A. Rampy, Chairman; Bruce H. Rampy, President; Teresa Neale, Vice President of Operations and Product Support; Joanne Carpenter, Director of Research and Development CHEMetrics kits are widely used for influent, process water, and waste- water/effluent water analysis in refineries and chemical

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sulfuric acid treatment | de dietrich process systems

Sulfuric Acid Treatment | De Dietrich Process Systems

Sulfuric Acid Treatment GENERAL Sulfuric acid is one of the world's most widely used chemicals and finds numerous applications as the production of fertilizers, explosives, plastic as e.g. polyurethanes, esterification of intermediates, dyes and also the iron and steel industries.

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