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natural treatment of wastewater - lenntech

Natural treatment of wastewater - Lenntech

This allows the use of natural wastewater treatment systems that are cheap and require low technological level. Normative aspects . In Italy the EU Directive 271/1991 about water quality was transformed into the Legislative Decree 152/1999. Tables containing emissions limits for water streams, which flow to superficial water body, are contained

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urban waste water treatment in europe — european

Urban waste water treatment in Europe — European

The treatment of urban waste water is fundamental to ensuring public health and environmental protection. Urban waste water treatment in all parts of Europe has improved over recent decades. The proportion of the population connected to waste water treatment plants in northern countries has been above 80 % since 1995, with more than 70 % of urban waste water receiving tertiary treatment. In

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engineering journal of environmental chemical


The Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering provides a forum for the publication of original Photo(electro)catalysis applied to water treatment, Environmental remediation, H2 generation, CO2 reduction and selective oxidation; Self-cleaning surfaces Please check the relevant section in this Guide for Authors for more details.

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current research trends on microplastic pollution

Current research trends on microplastic pollution

Microplastics have been widely considered as contaminants for the environment and biota. Till now, most previous studies have focused on the identification and characterization of microplastics in freshwater, sea water, and the terrestrial environment. Although microplastics have been extensively detected in the wastewater, research in this area is still lacking and not thoroughly understood.

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characteristics and adsorption capacities of low-cost

Characteristics and adsorption capacities of low-cost

Characteristics and adsorption capacities of low-cost sorbents for wastewater treatment: A review The review described the conversion of waste products into effective adsorbents and their application for water treatment: no study that deepening in a systematic manner the cluster of by-products in terms of adsorbent characteristics and

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agriculture-horticulture - water treatment and purification

Agriculture-Horticulture - Water Treatment and Purification

Agriculture & Horticulture Water usage in agriculture and horticulture industry is mainly done through irrigation process. With global agricultural production increase and consequently increase of water demand there has been more and more need to look for water recycling options in order to decrease the water consumption at source.

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swimming pool water treatment | astralpool

Swimming pool water treatment | AstralPool

Salt chlorinators have added a new dimension to the concept of pool water treatment, as they increase the quality of the water, do not need chemical products and make maintenance work easier. The salt chlorination process: 1.

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