pac pac powder flocculation water treatment in saudi arabia
polymer flocculants – separ chemie

Polymer flocculants – SEPAR CHEMIE

Polymer flocculants or flocculation aids are organic macromolecules, which can be used for solid-liquid separations. Application areas of polymer flocculants. Polymer flocculants are used in municipal, as well as in industrial, waste water and sludge treatment. In addition there are numerous application possibilities in the • Paper industry

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products – separ chemie


Products Flocculants Adsorbents Flotation agents Precipitants Foam separators Surfactants Odour inhibitor Emulsions breakers Crystallization inhibitor Processes Branches Effective chemicals for complex wastewater treatment All our products go on sale under the standardised, registered brand name of POLY SEPAR®. To optimise your application we

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sludge dewatering – separ chemie

Sludge dewatering – SEPAR CHEMIE

Products Prozesse Wastewater treatment Emulsion breaking Sludge dewatering Solid-liquid Separation Heavy Metal Precipitation Oil sludge dewatering COD Reduction AOX – Treatment Soil Washing Wash Water Treatment Decolourization Processing of Recovered Paper Adsorption of Impurities Defoamers Retention Agents Sedimentation

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product overview – separ chemie

Product overview – SEPAR CHEMIE

Products Processes Wastewater treatment Emulsion breaking Sludge dewatering Solid-liquid separation Heavy metal precipitation Oil sludge dewatering COD reduction AOX – treatment Soil washing Wash water treatment Decolourization Processing of recovered paper Trash catching Defoaming Retention Sedimentation acceleration

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trash catching – separ chemie

Trash catching – SEPAR CHEMIE

SEPAR CHEMIE offers an entire series of purely organic trash catchers with high-level cationic charges. These products can neutralize the negative charge of the colloids and destabilize the system. This process is termed coagulation. Subsequent treatment with flocculants reliably separates out all the solid materials.

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about us – separ chemie


SEPAR CHEMIE – We clarify it for you.. Ecological and economic water treatment has been our professed aim for three decades. We produce and supply chemical products for numerous processes relating to all aspects of water treatment, the separation of solid and liquid mixtures as well as emulsion splitting and paper production.. With decades of expertise and products individually tailored in

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news – separ chemie


News about trade fairs and expert contributions Under the column trade fair we report on our successful participation in the fair ZellCheming in Wiesbaden. In addition you can download under the column scientific paper the current expert contribution about waste water chemicals as pdf. Contact SEPAR CHEMIE Team Please contact us should

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