high efficiency polyaluminium ferric chloride for wastewater
wastewater treatment for refineries - waterleau


treatment plant (ETP) supplied by Ion Exchange Waterleau . The effluent treatment area is designed to contain and treat all internal process/utility waste water and storm/firewater, with the objective of zero discharge from the new refinery complex.

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waste | waterleau

Waste | Waterleau

Waterleau has developed technologies for the treatment of sludge, the unstable end-product of wastewater treatment, as well as thermal treatment solutions for all kinds of industrial and municipal solid, liquid and gaseous waste streams.

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waterleau | aquatech

Waterleau | Aquatech

Waterleau is a globally recognized leader in the design & construction of water and wastewater treatment infrastructure, our solutions are designed for managing the complete water cycle. Today, our core competences have shifted to integrated water services and digital water asset management.

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reverse osmosis & water treatment in chile - pure aqua, inc.

Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment in Chile - Pure Aqua, Inc.

Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment in Chile. Chile is a nation of seventeen million people in South America, bordering the South Pacific Ocean, between Argentina and Peru.. The country of Chile encompasses an extensive latitude span, ranging from the warm clime of the Atacama Desert in the north, Chilean matorral with a Mediterranean climate in the center to gelid ice sheet covered terrain of

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waste water management at reliance jamnagar export

Waste Water Management at Reliance Jamnagar Export

The waste water treatment is carried out in a dedicated state-of-art completely automated & PLC operated effluent treatment plant (ETP) supplied by Ion Exchange Waterleau . The effluent treatment area is designed to contain and treat all internal process/utility waste water and storm/firewater, with the objective of zero discharge from the new

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water use and reuse in petroleum refining | fluence

Water Use and Reuse in Petroleum Refining | Fluence

Refineries can be like cities, and opportunities for water reuse abound, from recycling of process water to sewage. Although the water requirements of oil exploration make water reuse a hot topic for the upstream petroleum industry — the exploration and production end — there are significant opportunities for reuse downstream, which includes refining.

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selenium removal from petroleum refinery wastewater using

Selenium removal from petroleum refinery wastewater using

The oil refinery wastewater was sampled from the phenol treatment plant at Empresa Nacional del Petróleo, ENAP Refinería Aconcagua, V Region of Chile. The composition of the wastewater and the Chilean Standard D.S. N°90/00 threshold concentrations are shown in Table 2.

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petrochina's refinery in chengdu: safe wastewater

PetroChina's refinery in Chengdu: safe wastewater

PetroChina tasked SUEZ in 2009 with the design and build of a plant to treat and recycle the industrial effluents produced by its refinery. The site combines five processes for treating both wastewater from the petrochemical industry and stormwater, in compliance with the most demanding standards.

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wastewater treatment services | thermax

Wastewater Treatment Services | Thermax

Wastewater treatment processes remove those constituents as organics, solids, heavy metals etc. Wastewater include mainly industrial wastewater and domestic sewage. Wastewater treatment plants are designed using a combination of physical, chemical and biological processes, so that treated water could be discharged in the environment or reused

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gov t extends airport s wastewater treatment

Gov t extends Airport s wastewater treatment

The notice published in yesterday s Official Gazette says the wastewater treatment systems and maintenance service has been awarded to joint venture Waterleau Beijing GSS. Waterleau Macau Lda is a subsidiary of Belgium s Waterleau Global Water Technology NV. According to the Official Gazette, the amount will be paid in two instalments.

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oil refineries ltd. selects usfilter's sbc technology

Oil Refineries Ltd. selects USFilter's SBC technology

Wastewater; Oil Refineries Ltd. selects USFilter's SBC technology for $2 million wastewater treatment upgrade. Oil Refineries Ltd. (ORL) awarded USFilter a contract to provide a new biological treatment system at its Haifa, Israel refinery.

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newtown creek wastewater treatment plant

Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

New York's Sewage Treatment System . Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant is the largest of New York City's 14 wastewater treatment plants. It serves a population of just over one million people in Lower Manhattan, eastern Midtown Manhattan, and parts of Brooklyn and Queens, an area of 63.5 square kilometers.

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overview of flotation as a wastewater treatment technique

Overview of flotation as a wastewater treatment technique

Wastewater treatment to remove suspended organic solids, dissolved oils, algae, 5–7 μm oocysts, volatile organic compounds, humic acid, clarification clarification of refinery wastewater, wastewater reclamation, A recent DAF process to remove molybdenum ions in Chile employs this principle with the Fe(OH)

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wastewater treatment case studies | fluence

Wastewater Treatment Case Studies | Fluence

When a Mexican paper mill needed to update its wastewater treatment, it turned to Fluence to create a hybrid aeration system for its two oxidation lagoons. Updated Aeration at Oil Refinery When a large oil refinery in Mexico needed to improve its wastewater treatment, it awarded Fluence the contract to update its original treatment system.

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