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antiscalant - an overview | sciencedirect topics

Antiscalant - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Rajindar Singh, in Hybrid Membrane Systems for Water Purification, 2005. Antiscalant threshold treatment. Scale inhibitors or antiscalants (A/S) are generally organic compounds containing sulphonate, phosphonate, or carboxylic acid functional groups and chelating agents such as carbon, alum, and zeolites that sequester and neutralise a particular ion which may be formed.

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water treatment specialists | hatenboer-water

Water Treatment Specialists | Hatenboer-Water

Looking for a water treatment specialist? Hatenboer-Water is your partner in water treatment systems and water treatment services. Visit our website! Hatenboer-Water supplies solutions for all your water- related challenges and needs. We support you around the world whenever you need us.

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how does antiscalant work for a - water treatment guide

How does antiscalant work for a - Water Treatment Guide

How does antiscalant work for a reverse osmosis water treatment application? An antiscalant is a pretreatment injected into the feedwater before the feedwater enters the RO membranes. Its presence delays the reaction between calcium magnesium and bicarbonate. This results is scale not forming as the water is being purified by the RO.

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all products - hatenboer-water

All Products - Hatenboer-Water

Our teams of dedicated water treatment specialists include engineers, design and production professionals. Our commitment to you: we believe in providing you with well-engineered and durable products, and supporting you around the globe whenever you need us.

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ro antiscalent chemical - ro antiscalant chemical

RO Antiscalent Chemical - RO Antiscalant Chemical

Backed by the in-depth experience and knowledge in this field, we are actively engaged in providing an all-embracing assortment of RO Antiscalant Chemical that is largely demanded by our prestigious clients. Offered range is used for cleaning purpose and considered as consumable items.

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